Community Sponsor

The Elks First Annual Community Sponsor

Every year The Mankato Elks strive to  support our veterans and at-risk youth.  Well we also spend a great deal of time helping the community at large to help support those efforts.  We are proud to offer our first ever COMMUNITY SPONSOR

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Sponsor 2021
  • Easter Dinner Sponsor 2022
  • All-City Football Banquet Sponsor 2021
  • All-City Basketball Banquet Sponsor 2022

Here is what you get for $3000

Your name will be prominently displayed on a pull up banner at the front of the four main events.  

Your name will be added as secondary mentions on the Golf, Wine Tasting, Wild Game Sampling, and Soups for Troops banners.

You will be mentioned and thanked often on social media as well as the dozens of interviews done with the local radio stations, TV station, and print media.

You will get a foursome and a hole sponsorship sign at the golf event.

You will get 10 tickets to each of the other three events (Wine, Soup, Game)

You will get 2 VIP tickets to both all-city events.

What does this mean for the Elks and you?

It takes volunteers, money, a strong community to make life better for everyone.  People love to support businesses that have a big heart and get in the mix.  You are doing just that.  We want to make sure you get great value for your participation and that is why we include a ton of fun at our events with this package.  You can hand out tickets to key employees as a reward for a job well done.  You can send your best clients golfing at our tournament cementing an already great relationship.  And you can come and see first hand the great things your money and efforts are doing by partnering with our local Mankato Elks.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and get clarification on anything.  We are all unpaid volunteers and have lives just like you.  Sometimes the details get lost in the hustle of life and business.

Thank-you for your support

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